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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Heart's Prayer

Remember this post? Well, last night I had the blessed opportunity of going to Les Miserables with my dear cousin and her husband. While I've always had my favorite characters, scenes and songs from Les Mis, the production hit me differently this time. New themes stood out to me, I saw the characters through fresh eyes and my heart ached for those who had experienced significant loss. The play was not the same. And neither was I.

Two songs struck me in particular. The song "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" spoke intimately to me of a man experiencing profound grief. The raw lyrics, rise and fall of the melody and dynamics all tell the story of the wide spectrum of emotions one can feel after experiencing loss. I know those feelings. They have been my own and those words have been the sentiments of my heart. Grief changes us. And - after experiencing it - we are never the same again.

I also loved the final reprise of "Bring Him Home" that Jean Valjean sings in his final moments of life. The words are unfamiliar to most because they are not on the Broadway albums (at least the ones I have). They are powerful and speak the feelings of my heart. Maybe I'll have them engraved on my memorial ;0)

God on high,
Hear my prayer.
Take me now
To Thy care,
Where You are.
Let me be,
Take me now.
Take me there,
Bring me Home,
Bring me Home.

While taking in the poignant message the talented cast conveyed last night, my heart swelled with gratitude for the beauty of the Human Experience. Every one of us is uniquely individual and each of us has our own set of Life Events that alter how we see the world and what we view as reality. But every one of us at - one time or another - will experience similar feelings of Joy, Ecstasy, Loss, Disappointment, Heartache, Hope, Loneliness and Fear. But it is up to us what we create from those experiences.

I am so grateful that so many years ago Victor Hugo felt inspired to pen the story of the downtrodden man who was given a hand up that indeed changed his heart and - therefore - his life. Every time I am reminded of the journey of Jean Valjean, I am reminded of the kind of person I want to become. A person of forgiveness, charity, compassion and hope who - at the end of my life - feels confident with who I've become and meeting He who has molded me.

That is my Heart's prayer.


  1. Did you know Brianna's middle name is Cosette? Yes my friend, I love it oh so much;) I love the even more beautiful meanings you have found in it.

  2. Mandy, not sure if you read my post about Les Mis that I wrote a couple of months ago. The version we have on CD is the raw musical version and it is a treasure. When I heard it through for the first time on our drive I was changed. I have seen the play before, but there was a whole new meaning to the musical that day. Dan and I were both weeping on that last song. Your Bennett was in our hearts, thoughts, and conversation during that car drive. Your Bennett brought that music to life for me that day. I will treasure that car drive for years to come. Les Mis is a true work of art. We still listen to it every day while driving and it makes my heart smile when I hear Caleb sing the words as we drive. I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  3. that video was magnificent. i could listen to it on repeat all day every day. love you.

  4. I am jealous of your evening out! Although I have read the unabridged version of Les Mis and fallen in love with it and with the music, I have yet to see the broadway! It is truly an inspired story, though, and the music as well!
    Love Jenny B.

  5. Oh how I love Les Mis. As a child, I would dress up as Eponine and sing "I dreamed a dream" at the top of my lungs in my bedroom. At Chad Ethington's funeral, his father (who is a member of the Mormon Tab), along with dozens of other fellor members, sang "Bring Him Home." Boy was it a tear-jerker. Love you, Mandy.

  6. ha! Shana sang i dreamed a dream while across town I was doing my own rendition of On mY Own. I WAS Eponine. This is my 5th time back to this post to watch the video.... in love. that Jean Va Jeans face during the prayer portion is so perfectly portraying the message.

  7. I too, love Les Mis. It is amazing. We are taking the two older girls next weekend to see it in Phoenix. I never leave the theater without being touched. It is an amazing story to me about the power of forgiveness and change.


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