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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Guess what I'm giving myself for Mother's Day this year? A giclee canvas print of this picture by J. Kirk Richards. Custom framed.

I know. I'm stoked.

I saw it on Cjane awhile back and knew immediately that it had to be mine. It reminds me so much of cuddly moments with my babes when they were curled around my neck, feeling velvety soft and smelling like heaven. So many tender memories. And - right now - especially of Bennett.

So a few weeks from now, it will be framed and will don one lucky wall (still deciding where) in my home, acting as a reminder of some of my favorite Mommy Moments.

What are YOU doing for Mother's Day this year? Any fun traditions to share?


  1. Oh Mandy that is a stunning painting! absolutely lovely. And while I know it brings tender memories of all your sweet children, I see it as you & Bennett. (and the woman's beautiful red hair, too perfect for you!) I can't wait to see where you decide to hang it <3

  2. What a sweet picture! Very stirring to a mother's emotions...My hubby gave me Liz Lemon Swendle's "Kissing the Face of God" a few years ago and it has been my all-time favorite mother's day gift. Love Jenny B.

  3. I actually got myself a painting as well - my mom died a few months ago, and it is a painting that I talked about during her service. It is the apostles on the ship being tossed by the sea, and you can see the absolute terror on their faces. Everything around them is dark and the storm is scary and the waves are threatening. But in the distance you can see that the storm is breaking and the sun is starting to shine.

    I probably didn't describe it very well, but it gives me such hope that -- when the storms are raging around me and I wish I knew when the calm would come -- I can trust that the Savior knows that I am in the midst of the storm, that He knows when my storms will break. That ultimately He has power to calm all of my storms.

    My thoughts will be with you on Sunday.

  4. Love the painting, it is beautiful. what a precious moment to remember.

  5. So funny, I sent the very same link to Jake as a hint for my b-day/mother's day. He got me the print but a different one by mistake and I am actually in love with that one as well. His work is incredible!


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