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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kozy Kids Korner

Occasionally, I want to share some of the thoughts of my children. I will edit (as needed) to protect their most tender feelings but I think this Road of Healing is a Family Business. And it is good to know how the Littles feel about the whole process.

Please be generous in your comments. I want this to be an anticipated experience for my little ones. Thank you.

So, here goes . . . Welcome to Kozy Kids Korner.

Hi. My name is Emma. I am the oldest sister to Bennett, my brother who died. It is sad but I know that when you are sorrowful, you will be happy because your lost one will always be with you and your home will always be like heaven.

I remember when Bennett would always come to the window when I would come home from school. And right when I came to the door, he would hug me. I love him so much.

Here is a poem I wrote for him:

Bennett's so sweet
Bennett's so pure
I love my little Bennett
He is my dear.

I can't wait to see his smiling face again.

I love you, Benny Boy.


  1. Emma, I am so proud of you! I know you don't know me, but I am the big sister of a brother that passed away too. I loved your poem. I can tell that you love Bennett and your family very much. I hope you keep writing and sharing your thoughts with us. I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Emma,

    I sure like your poem to Bennett. I was just about your age when my little sister Katie died. I remember feeling both sad that she was gone from us, but also happy that I would see her again someday in the Celestial Kingdom. I promise you that Heavenly Father knows how you are feeling and that He cares about you. If you will keep your eyes open and look, He will send you reminders of how much He loves you.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I especially like your statement: "your lost one will always be with you and your home will always be like heaven." It has taken me a long time to realize that my sister is always close to me and that she cares about what happens in my life. Thank you for the reminder!

    Much love,

    PS: say hi to your mom and dad for me. I sang with them a LONG time ago at Ricks College.

  3. Emma you have a beautiful talent for writing just like your Mom! What a wonderful big sister you are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your poem. :)

  4. Oh thank you for sharing Emma! It brought tears to my eyes. My dad passed away when I was five, but I am happy too because I know I will be with him again someday. What a blessing it is to know that families are forever. I love your poem too.

  5. Dear Emma, your poem is so sweet and your words are so brave for one so young! You are so blessed to have such a strong testimony and wonderful parents who can help you back to Bennett and to our Heavenly Father and Jesus! I remember you from Foxboro when you were much smaller, and I am glad you are still as sweet and so very beautiful inside and out!! Thanks so much for sharing your tender feelings!
    Love Jenny B.

  6. Thank you for sharing a few of your memories about Bennett. I hope that when you close your eyes you can see Bennett's smile. It sounds like his smile was very happy and that helps you be happy too.

  7. For some reason my comments don't seem to be going through (so I am glad I double checked;)

    Emma--your poem is darling and your words are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your faith!

  8. Oh Emma, you are such a sweetheart :) Bennett LOVES you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I can tell you miss your sweet little brother...but you're right, his tender little spirit will always be with you. And you will see him again :) And i loved you poem for him, thank you for sharing! Love you forever beautiful Emma!

    Aunt Haley

  9. emma - this is a BEAUTIFUL poem! bennett is so lucky to have an older sister like you. you're an inspiration to those of us who are much older than you, you are so much wiser than me! thank you for your thoughts and your courage.

    kiersten downey

  10. Emma sweet girl! You are an amazing big sister. I loved your poem and your picture with you and Bennett. He was so sweet! I loved holding him too! He brought smiles to my face and so do you!

  11. beautiful words Emma! Thank you for sharing you sweet and simple testimony of eternal families. You are a strength to your family.

  12. dear emma, your poem really touched my heart. thank you so much for sharing it, and for sharing your feelings so beautifully. seeing you be so brave about your faith in Heavenly Father's plan is a boost to my own testimony.


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