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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just A Few Things

Man. What a weekend. So many things happened that were significant to our family.
  1. We received the oil painting of Bennett in the mail friday. And, Holy. Wow. I can't even put into words how glorious it is. Elspeth has such a gift. The portrait seems so real I just expect him to start babbling and giggling at any moment. It's amazing. After unwrapping it with my mother and weeping for a time, I rushed off to get it custom framed. It should be ready in about two weeks. I cannot wait to hang it on my wall in a central part of our home. What a gift. What a gift. What a gift.
  2. Bennett's headstone was installed this weekend. And - I must say - it turned out even better than I imagined. When we were looking at headstone designs, I told the memorial company that I wanted something different, one-of-a-kind and uniquely Bennett. Well, BINGO. We've got it. I'll take pictures this weekend of our Memorial Day/Birthday Celebration and post them later. It really is fantastic.
  3. On Sunday, we reached our 4 month mark. Man, it seems so much longer than that. So much has happened and our lives have been changed forever. Most days don't drag on as much as they did at first but it still feels like forever since I've kissed his irresistible little neck and been held by his adorable little arms. Man, I miss my boy.
  4. We are in full investigation mode in search of the perfect living arrangement for our little family. We are walking through homes, looking at building options, visiting congregations (referred to as "wards" in our faith) and neighborhoods and setting up rental/storage options just in case we need somewhere to stay for a time. We are still showing our home but are nearing the time when - once the money goes hard - we will be able to focus more on simplifying, organizing and packing for our move in a month. What a summer it will be. What a summer. We trust the Lord is in charge and will lead us where we need to go. And - because of that - we feel excited, comforted and grateful.
Well, today we have another showing, Gracie's program at the elementary school and a meeting exploring building options this evening. It's going to be a busy day so I guess I better get ready.

Have a fantastic day, all. God Bless. God Bless.


  1. I'm so looking forward to seeing Bennett's oil painting & headstone. And I truly am excited to help you pack! We love & pray for thetender mercy of the Lord to be with you and your sweet, sweet family.

  2. oh I can't wait to see that painting!! i have no doubt it's stunning...that little bennett of yours is a looker :) What a precious piece to display in your home.

    And we're praying for you guys finding a new place! love ya lots


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