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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Divine Signatures

It has been said that a coincidence is just God's way of remaining anonymous. I am reading a book right now that actually shares a fresh, new perspective that rings oh-so-true to me. In the words of its author, Gerald Lund: "Sometimes blessings come in such an unusual manner and with such precise timing that they accomplish something in addition to blessing us. They so clearly confirm the reality of God's existence that they buoy us up in times of trials." Those miracles - in fact - act as Divine Signatures that testify of God loves for us, His children.

Yesterday was a day of contrasts. In the morning, I turned in an application for a townhouse rental, reserved a storage unit, dealt with the oncoming illness that is taking over our household (i. hate. strep.) and finalized the headstone design for my son. It was quite surreal to sit in an office and lay out the words and images that would portray to family, friends and strangers alike what this little life meant to us. How can you put the love for a child into words? You simply cannot. It can only be felt.

And so I drove home solemn, thinking that this was not quite the 2nd birthday gift I had in mind for my son. His birthday is a mere two weeks away! I should be planning a party with blue balloons, bubbles and balls, not looking at granite samples for a headstone! But, it is what it is. THAT I have learned.

Upon returning for lunch and naptime, I opened two emails that made my heart smile. Like smile-all-week smiles. The first came from a crazy creative friend whom many of you may follow ('cuz half the world does).

Seriously, this girl has got. it. together.

Anyhoo, my friend was going through her pictures and ran into the above gem that she happened to take with her oh-so-wonderful camera last summer. Fate? I think not. A gift from heaven? You bet.

Man, I miss those Baby Blue Eyes.

The second email came from one of my favorite artists, Elspeth Young. I have long loved her Bible series (my favorites being this and this), but never thought I would be more than just an admirer from afar.

Well, miracles happen. And we will have the honor of hanging one of her custom portraits in our home. And guess who the subject is? Our Bennett! I am so overwhelmed with joy I don't even know what to say (and THAT is saying a lot!). The oil painting is finished and will be drying this week. Next week, I will be able to pick it up at her studio and have it custom framed. I can think of few (if any) items that I will treasure more than this portrait. It will remind me of my son, of God's angels on earth that bless our lives with their gifts and talents and of His love and awareness of me, a healing Mother.

Did all those things occur by chance today? Did both emails just HAPPEN to appear in my inbox after an emotionally taxing morning? I think not. I believe it was a Divine Signature confirming the Hand of God in my life.

God loves us. He IS aware of our hearts - joyful or breaking - and is looking for opportunities to bless us at every turn. Does that mean hard things will not happen? Heck no. That is just part of this experience we call Life. But He WILL give us what we need when we need it most and He will not leave us comfortless. It's just up to us to look for those blessings in our lives and recognise them for what they are . . . Divine Signatures.


  1. I love the way you put it, Divine Signatures! Some of them are easier to see than others, but like you said, sometimes we just need to look, and chances are we will find them!

  2. Elspeth Young used to live around the corner from my parents, and I remember her as a sixth grader! Weird, small world. Her art IS beautiful - cannot wait to see your painting!

  3. I am reading this same book right now. Love it! I didn't realize that you also studied in Jerusalem. I was there a few years before you but it was life-changing. I hope my children will have the opportunity to go one day (and if they do, I plan on visiting while they are there :) I hope you are all feeling better!

  4. There is nothing that means as much in our lives as the whispers that remind us of God's love and His very real presence. Love this one today.

  5. So grateful for these (and other) tender mercies!
    Love Jenny B.

  6. Funny. I just recommended for you to read this book on FB last week. It is wonderful

  7. May God continue to bless you and your family. He is wonderful at timing things just right, thank you for reminding me.

  8. Love you girl! God is good and blesses us daily with his tender mercies. May you continue to feel his peace and tenderness throughout all your big changes in the upcoming months :)


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