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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Program

This week an event occurred that made me think. It wasn't anything that would seem extraordinary. Indeed it is an occurance that happens annually at elementary schools everywhere. My youngest daughter had her first grade year end program.
She performed beautifully and shared her grin with all the world. The hand movements and little dances matched the joy of the songs as the seasons were each reviewed and celebrated.

My daughter has had one thing on her mind since she brought home the flier announcing the event. She wanted to make sure all of her loved ones could attend. Phone calls were made to grandparents and the flier found its way onto the fridge.
For the next couple of weeks it was made known to us that we had an appointment on Tuesday the 24th. The morning that I left for work it was emphasized again as she said "Dad, you can't forget, you've got to come to my program today." I
reassured her that I would be there and went on with my day. Later that day I attended her program. Amanda later called and told me how special my little princess felt because of those in attendance.I felt very loved myself as Gracelyn emphasized
that fact that daddy came. Amanda would later say to me as we visited about this that we probably underestimate how much our "simple" efforts mean.

I began to think as I pondered the following. "What if I had not attended? What would she have felt like that day? What effect would that feeling have had?" As I thought about this my little Bennett came to mind. I thought that he is not that
different from my daughter. His greatest desire is for me, and the rest of his family, to attend an important event that I know he is anticipating with great excitement. An event that I know he thinks about and is preparing for. An event that
makes him smile as he imagines its occurance. An event that won't have the same feeling if all of the one's he loves are not present. It is the time when we will all be together again.

I definately anticipated Gracelyn's performance and I was constantly grinning as I watched her. How could I not? She is the cutest 6 year old in the world. I guess every parent grins like me at these type of events. Likewise I look forward to the same event Bennett does. He has made it back to his Father in
Heaven and is receiving all that He has to give. I want to receive the same. I can imagine Bennett doing the same thing that Gracelyn did as her special event approached. She couldn't remind us enough and I know that the same desire of having
us present at the appointed time is what Bennet wants. I'm not here to tell you that I have heard an audible cheer from him or that I have seen something that lets me know he is doing this. I don't need that. I have felt on numerous occasions the
reassurance that my boy lives, that my Heavenly Father is in charge, and families can be together forever. I am here to tell you that I know that just like I was going to do everything in my power to get to Gracelyn's program, I will do everything in my power to get myself and everyone in my family to an event at which I will grin the biggest grin I have ever grinned. The Reunion. The reunion in which we are all present to participate in our "family cheer." Where like Paul I will be able to report "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith" (2 Tim. 4:7).

I will not miss the scheduled program.


  1. Loved this! Thank you, I needed that. A reminder to remember what is important.

  2. Inspiring words! Wonderful, as Elder Scott says, that you already have one that has qualified for the Celestial Kingdom--motivation and pull from the other side! Hope you guys are continuing to be comforted daily. You're still in our prayer!
    Love Jenny B.

  3. Another sweet post :) Dave you're such a wonderful man!! I can only imagine how proud Gracie was to have you there supporting her :) And I so admire you for working so hard to be sure you're all their at the ultimate reunion. That will be a beautiful day indeed :)

  4. beautiful thoughts, thanks again for sharing.


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