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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Take Away

Good Monday, my friends. It just feels like a Monday, doesn't it? All overcast, dreary and rainy. Oh well. I guess I'll have to thrive on the energy and light from last weekend.

The Power of Moms Retreat in Park City was amazing. Saturday especially. I was able to share our story of Grief, Healing and Hope and what we have learned from this experience (not even three months down the road). Just between us friends, I was more emotional than I wanted to be during my presentation. From the moment I held up Bennett's picture, I was a goner. I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. But I was authentic. Entirely so (that's what I keep telling myself). And they saw my heart, as broken as it is. But I hope they also felt my Love, Hope and Faith. That was my goal, at least.

Some of my favorite take aways were:

  • I love the Indian greeting Namaste (pronounced Nomis Day) meaning "I see the divine power in you". What a beautiful, profound greeting and recognition that we are ALL God's children.
  • Serendipity - the state of mind whereby a person through Awareness and Sensitivity frequently finds something better than that which he was seeking . . . that's where I want to be.

  • 3 things that help you be a deliberate mother: 1) spend 30 minutes every Sunday for personal planning 2) take a day away ALONE to plan, dream and rejuvenate 3)Be with other like minded mothers

  • Lead a Life with Margins (read Restoring Margins to Overloaded Lives by Richard Swenson)

  • Once a month, go out to dinner with David and have a Five Facet Review of all our children discussing their Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual well being.

  • Write down our Family Laws (must be short, sweet and to the point)

  • Create a Family Motto

  • Teach Children Financial Responsibility - Give 10% to God, Save 20% in Bank and Live on the remaining 70% . . . a good lesson for us ALL!!!

  • Make a Tradition Scrapbook listing our traditions for every month of the year and MAKE THEM HAPPEN! Memories matter and are one of the only things that last forever.

  • Favorite new quote - "There is no comfort in the growth zone and there is no growth in the comfort zone." How true is THAT!?!

  • Another great quote - "Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation." Need I say more?

  • Create a Vision Board with what you want to do and who you want to become (kinda sounds like The Secret, doesn't it?)

  • Make SMART Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound

  • Be Deliberate vs. Routine, Present vs. Distracted and Thriving vs. Surviving
It really was THAT wonderful. After last week (okay, the last THREE months . . . who are we kidding?!?), I really needed to fill my well. And I did. It gave me just the fire I needed in my bones to come home and live deliberately and serendipitously.

Life is a Gift. Everyday. Now it's up to me to make it worthwhile and really make a difference in Myself, My family, My community and the world. It can happen. And I will make it so.

If you have built castles in the air, they need not be lost. Now just put foundations under them. (Thoreau)


  1. Love it!! It sounds like a wonderful time. I really hope you make it to a Time Out For Women conference or a Women's Conference this year. You are right, your well needs to be filled, and re-filled. You just keep going forward. You are totally amazing.

  2. thanks for sharing. Love the ideas. I have the vision board..totally works! I also have lots of family memory and traditions books. My kids know them, remember them, look forward to them and Love them...they work! You are one deliberately AMAZING mother!

  3. How wonderful that you had a such a great weekend of giving and taking such fantastic pearls of wisdom!!! I wish I could've been there for your discussion...I'm sure their was such a sweet spirit :) And thank you for sharing those tidbits with us! I'm going to talk about some of them with Adam :)

    PS - Namaste (I'm with you, and I LOVE the meaning of it)...doesn't that remind you of bikram yoga at our sister's retreat?? ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing what you came away with. It sounds like a wonderful event.

  5. What great thoughts. Wish I could have joined your retreat! Sounds wonderful. Hope you keep getting these fill-ups as you need them!
    Love Jenny

  6. I feel completely fired up after just reading the highlights from your weekend! I love so many of those ideas... We got the family laws and motto idea from the eyres years back, and I think it is time to dust them off again. I want to hear more... And I too wish I could have heard you present... Hopefully someday I can make it to one of these amazing retreats!

  7. Thanks for sharing with us about your weekend Amanda. Love the idea's you mentioned. You are one amazing Mummmy! God bless, love and prayers xox

  8. Just want to add that I have just been on to Amazon and ordered the Restoring Margins book by Richard Swenson. Thanks for the info, I'm looking forward to reading it! I think I have been needing to read this book for some time now! Thanks again for sharing,xox

  9. Amanda,
    SO...I have been eyeing the 'retreats' ever since I heard about them. Hopefully I'll make it to one someday. Sound wonderful. I was reading Shawni's blog and saw the picture of you as one of the presenters and via FB, was able to find this link to your blog. I'm so glad I found it. Thank you for sharing what you learned. I have read of a few of the Eyre's earlier books and have gotten a few bits of what was shared. So much wisdom to take in! I am amazed at your strength and I'm sure the women at the retreat were so touched by your spirit and the things you had to share. Wish I could have heard you. Sending prayers your way. Much love--Andrea Davis


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