I am a Sweetheart to One and a Mommy to Four Loveable Babes, one of which is smiling down on us from Heaven. I am learning to dance in the rain. Come with me on my journey as I make the most out of Life's mud puddles.

Put on your rain boots. Great adventure lies ahead.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Missing my Little Man tonight. What I wouldn't give to hold and caress his little body again.

Someday. Someday.

Love you, Sunshine Boy. To the moon and back.

(Bennett @ 4 months)


  1. Oh Mandy, could he be any more scrumptious!? I am aching for you too. He is so so sweet.

  2. He is a beautiful boy. I love his sweet blue eyes, and that hair! Amazing!

  3. Aching for you Mandy. Hope you feel him in your dreams tonight. Hugs!

  4. Such a truly beautiful baby! I'm so sorry that he cannot be physically in your arms right now. :(


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