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Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer Request

"I wonder if we can ever really fathom the immense power of prayer until we encounter an overpowering, urgent problem and realize that we are powerless to resolve it. Then we will turn to our Father in humble recognition of our total dependence on Him." (Richard G. Scott)

I believe in the Power of Prayer. I believe prayer can bring about miracles. Mostly from within. And I believe that the improbable can occur when many of God's children lift their voices to Heaven in behalf of another. For this cause I come before you today.

We have been the recipient of many prayers in the last four months. Each has been a blessing. And, right now, we are again in need of your faith. Our house has been under contract for nearly a month now. In the appraisal process, we hit some bumps in the road (thank. you. economy.). For the past week, we have been trying to iron out the issues. We are still doing all we can to "make it work" but need Heaven's help to make it happen.

This is where you come in. Can you pray for our family? Can you pray that we will be able to close on our house in July? And can you pray that we will be directed to the place that is best for our children? This is such a tender time. My precious ones have so many needs right now and I need the eyes and strength of Heaven to do all that I need to do. I know specific prayers get specific answers and I know that the Lord hears and answers the pleas of His children.

Will you join with me? It would mean more than you know.

Thank you, my friends. Thank you.


  1. Praying with you and for you and your beloved family! I too believe and have witnessed the power of prayers! Bless you all!

  2. Done. Our family will send specific prayers your way.

  3. Done, you are in my prayers. I know that prayers can help no matter what place we are in. Hope all is well with you.

  4. Of course!!
    (You don't know me but Sara Schofield is my sister-in-law. I think about you and your sweet family often.)

  5. Thank you for allowing us to pray specifically for what you need...I have prayed for you almost every day since you lost your sweet Bennett...thanks for asking.

  6. Like others have stated above.... its an honor that you ask and we will be sure and include the sale of your house in our prayers. In fact I will also fast... fasting always really works for me. In fact my kids always call me when I fast and pray for them and say "Mom what are you doing? Are you fasting because guess what just happened" I love that.. I have total faith that it works.

  7. So sorry about the housing bumps--seems you least deserve it!! You are continually in our prayers, and we will definitely add the housing stuff in earnestly! Sending our love--
    Jenny B.

  8. I found your blog a few months ago while blog hopping and was touched by your story. My heart aches for you and your family's loss. I have thought of you often and prayed that you will have peace.

    Just wanted you to know that your strength has touched my life and that I will definitely pray for things to work out with your house. God ALWAYS knows where we are and what we need--we just need to help and support each other!!

    Best of luck with everything!!

  9. Of course!! Thank you for the invite!

  10. The Seymours in Indiana are praying for you...we love you and wish you all the peace and comfort you need at this time!

  11. Of course! Our family will add our prayers to yours.


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