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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fresh off the Press

Studio 5 did this piece on Bennett yesterday and how learning circles have helped me along the path of mourning.

I thank the Lord for the tender mercies He put into place months before Bennett's passing that gave me a support group of beautiful women to lean on during Life's toughest and tenderest moments.

God is good. Good indeed. How grateful I am for that.

P.S. our house is officially under contract with a planned closing date in late June-early July. Anyone have moving boxes?


  1. Lookin' good, Mandy! That is a really neat little news spot. My hubby recently passed along your story and some of your coping strategies to another who lost a baby, and I cannot imagine how far-reaching your influence is! Thanks dear friend. Keep it up!
    Love Jenny B.

  2. Such a lovely and hope filled segment. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your family.

  3. What a beautiful segment on this part of your life which has become so needed and a boost to you and others! I looked into starting one, I should have just leapt and signed up right at that moment...but this is a perfect reminder of what I want and need to do.

    Thanks for sharing and CONGRATS on your home selling. I know this has been long awaited...how amazing to see the Lord's timing and will in this. Loves to you friend.

  4. I work for Macy's department store on there receiving dock,if you called ahead a day or two before they will save you some boxes. I work for the one in Orem but any of them should be ok with saving you boxes. (they go thru hundreds of different size boxes daily) I hope that things go well with selling your house.

  5. Congratulations! That's exciting!

  6. That is great! Thank you for sharing.

    Ugh moving can be so much work!! I hope you don't feel too stressed out in the process. I am sure you have a lot more stuff then we do, but I like to use those plastic bins from target/walmart. They last for every, they make great storage units for Christmas and other holidays. They are easy to store, you wont ever need to find boxes again, and they are so heavy duty they never rip, tear, or get soggy. I hope that can help...

  7. I saw this the day that it aired. So great of you to share with so many the things that have inspired and helped you.

    Congrats on selling your house!

  8. I just cry everytime I read your blog. I love you. I'm home now and want to come visit you soon. Love you, Synth


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