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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Healing Children's Books

One of my favorite gifts to receive is the gift of literature. After Bennett's death, we received many books. Some of my favorites were children's books. We have read them over and over and over again and they have brought my children so much comfort.

Here are a few suggested reads to share with your family or to give someone dealing with loss:

Some of our favorites
A Promise Is A Promise - Knister (I can't say enough about this book. Just buy it. You won't regret it.)
I'll Love you Forever (with the changed words "forever and always my baby you'll be") - Munsch
Tear Soup - Schweibert

My Next Books To Purchase
Always My Brother - Reagan
Lifetimes - Mellonie
Waterbugs and Dragonflies - Stickney
When Dinosaurs Die - Brown
Gentle Willow - Mills
I Miss You - Thomas
Today I Feel Silly - Curtis
Tell Me Papa - Johnson
If Nathan Were Here - Bahr/Jerome
The Fall of Freddie the Leaf - Buscaglia
A Terrible Thing Happened - Holmes
The Next Place - Hanson

C.S. Lewis once said that "we read to know we are not alone." I wholeheartedly agree.

And so do my children.

So find a soft blanket, cuddle up and read away.

Happy Reading!

*If you have any additional suggestions for books that aid in healing, please share. No one knows everything but all of us know something. And together, we know a lot.


  1. Daman recently got one at work: The Invisible String. It is sweet.

  2. When my mom had me go get the book "Tear Soup" for your sweet family I read it myself before packaging it up, and I was so touched by it! I'll have to look into "A Promise is a Promise" :) And I love the C.S. Lewis quote.

    Love you Mand.

  3. Love your list. There are so many good ones there. I will have to look for others to suggest. I love "The giving tree". We have read it many times. I am not sure about healing, but it is definitely about love. Also, "Guess how much I love you". The girls love, love, love that book.

  4. We really liked Tear Soup. Another good one is "The Lesson" by Carol Lynn Pearson.

    One that really helped me is "A Grief Observed" by C.S. Lewis. That one was really good for me.


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