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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

It's never too late to recap Family Memories, right? Well, here's a pictorial overview of our Thanksgiving.

We had a non-traditional Thanksgiving this year, which was very good for our family. We snuck away with a few family members to a Swiss mountain resort and had our Thanksgiving Dinner at their spectacular restaurant. Our weekend included lots of sleep, Christmas movies, yummy food, beautiful walks along the mountainside (it was unusually warm that weekend) and time spent playing at the park feeding the ducks. The kids loved it.

On Thanksgiving morning, our gratitude circle included lots of references to our Sweet Bennett. We miss him so much. But we believe he is just a breath away and is just as much with us in Death as he was in Life. We are an eternal family unit. Therefore, no one's goin' anywhere. ;0)

Hope your Thanksgiving was as relaxing, reflective and healing as ours. xoxoxo


  1. Oh this makes me happy because it is my hometown! I worked at Zermatt when it first opened, and I've spent so many hours at that duck pond :) But what a sweet Thanksgiving it looked like!

  2. Oh it looks like you all had a wonderful time! Katie said it was beyond fantastic :) Classic traditions are wonderful, but switching it up for fun getaways and different experiences are great and make for sweet memories!

    and I caught up on your most recent posts...how did I miss your giveaway!?! what a stellar gift :) i haven't read the book, but maybe we'll have to have your cute kids over for a fun night at Aunt Haley and Uncle Adam's and they can bring the book over and we'll all read it, while you and Dave are out on a date of course :)


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