I am a Sweetheart to One and a Mommy to Four Loveable Babes, one of which is smiling down on us from Heaven. I am learning to dance in the rain. Come with me on my journey as I make the most out of Life's mud puddles.

Put on your rain boots. Great adventure lies ahead.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend of Inspiration

When David and I were dating, I told him that he better be good to me because I was one of my Heavenly Father's "favorite girls." I hope everyone feels this way. As I have gotten older, I continue to feel His love and awareness through all the events of Life. I am a lucky girl.

This week was hard. Super hard. And I don't see the feelings we are feeling going away anytime soon. That said, Heaven knew this and has showered many blessings on me this weekend.
  • Last night, David and I went with some of our dearest friends to see the musical "A Tale of Two Cities." Though a huge fan of Dickens, I was unfamiliar with the storyline of this particular show. HOOOOLY cow! What an amazingly moving story with complex twists and turns. In many ways, it mirrored "Les Mis" with themes of the French Revolution, loss, darkness, light, tragedy, hope, forgiveness, heartache, sacrifice and redemption. It was amazing. I must say - being unfamiliar with the storyline - that I was a bit unprepared for the small boy that was run over and killed by an Aristocrat carriage. Seeing his lifeless body carried by his father across the stage and put in a casket was a bit much for me (given our recent experiences). It unfortunately hit a little too close to home. But I am choosing to remember the themes of Hope, Light, Sacrifice and Redemption. It was truly a well done production. Bravo.
  • This weekend, we have the privilege of hearing inspirational and faith promoting thoughts from inspired leaders. As a Mormon, we have a religious gathering broadcast around the world called General Conference. Twice a year (April/October), our leaders teach us principles of Faith, Hope, Forgiveness, Charity and Love. It is truly "living water" for this parched mommy's soul. I am looking forward to General Conference now more than ever. I so need to feel the Healing and Peace that comes only from a Divine source. I will be tuning in all weekend and praying to be in tune to the messages my Loving Heavenly Father will send me. (click here to join me)
  • As my children begin their spring break, we have planned a week of family fun and memory making. I can't wait to let go of some of the cares of the world and turn our focus to the simple things: Laughing, Running, Playing, Tickling, Swimming, Eating and Loving together. We so need this time to replenish our souls. What a blessing.
Wishing you an inspiring weekend as well, sweet friends. xoxoxo


  1. Amanda,

    You have begun a journey. A journey in which you have the opportunity to touch the lives and souls of so many! I have been excited as I have watched you put on your wings so that you can fly with the angels here on earth! You truly are an angel.

    An angel that has the ability to bring our Heavenly Fathers children closer to knowing Him, as you do! His blessing are abundant in our lives! I know He loves us as we love Him! May He continue to bless you and your sweet family!


  2. You don't know me but I came across your blog through another blog. Your blog has really touched my life and has inspired me to be a better person. I thank you for that! I love reading about your trials, thoughts, actions, and your look on life. God truely loves us all!

  3. Amanda, I totally loved conference today. the messages always uplift me and help to feel better. I am so glad that you are choosing to focus on the positive in everything. It will not be easy. But it is rewarding and inspiring. God bless you this week!

  4. Hello, again. I shared your picture of the temple with the children and flowers with my daughter and she was wondering if there was a place you could buy this picture or if it was your own personal picture. She wants one to hang one in her living room.

  5. LOVE Dicken's Tale of Two Cities. It's one of my favorite books. I thought of you all weekend as we watched conference and hope it was soul-soothing for you! You continue to inspire and amaze me! Hope your family has a great week together! Much love,
    Jenny B.


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