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Monday, April 25, 2011

Best. Day. Ever.

Spools of Yarn and Body Slams. That's what good weekends are made of.

I know. Explain.

So, last week, I spent oodles of time preparing for Easter, trying to make it tender, comforting and meaningful despite our missing Bennett ever so much this week. I went shopping in search of just the right gifts, assembled perfectly balanced (in fun and meaning) baskets and scheduled activities all weekend that would bring a smile to all our faces. And what did my kids like most? Totally the unexpected.

It all started Saturday afternoon when - during quiet time - David and I took spools of yarn and made an obstacle course for each child, beginning at their beds. When they awoke, one at a time, each child went in search for their Easter basket, following their designated yarn as a guide. They loved the hunting and finding and were thoroughly thrilled upon finding their treasures. What surprised me was that they thought the spool of yarn was part of the gift and it quickly became their most prized possession. Soon Emma and Grace were creating Rapunzel wigs with their yarn and - standing on our grand staircase - calling out to their father to come and rescue them (maybe they've watched Tangled one too many times). Then Ashton tied the yarn to his monster trucks and started towing yarn remnants around the house like a tow truck. The creativity continued the following day when the girls decided to tuck their spools of yarn into their scripture bags and take it to church. In the middle of sacrament meeting, out came the yarn and the jewelry making began. In an hour, every one of us had multiple bracelets, rings and necklaces made of knotted yarn. They were so proud of their creations.

The Body Slamming Event began Saturday evening. After a day full of fun, we ended the evening with the kids eating some of their Easter candy while we watched a family flick. Out of no where, spontaneous body slamming began. First Ashton. Then Grace. And finally Emma. David and I were - of course - on the bottom, taking the brunt of every slam while the kids were giggling, whooping and hollering for more. As Gracelyn was jumping at the bottom of our bed, prepping for her next slam, she shouted, "THIS IS THE BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!"

It returned for a repeat performance Sunday evening. And - unfortunately for Mom and Dad - I don't see it going away soon.

Now isn't this interesting. I had spent all this time working out the details only to find that the most memorable and enjoyable activities were the ones that occurred unplanned and spontaneously. Isn't that Life, though? They say Life occurs when you've made other plans. Perhaps memories are like that, as well.

I need to live more in the moment, appreciating the littlest of things, and not be so distracted and focused on the grand ones. Because - more often than not - they really don't matter. And they are not what we remember most.

So here's to a new day. A day full of surprises, challenges, laughter and rewards just waiting to be discovered. And here's to making it the Best. Day. Ever.


  1. Reading your post, one word (that now has so much meaning to me) came to mind: Serendipity. I think that children have a way of reminding us of the beauty and joy that exists in simplicity. I am so happy that your family had a wonderful weekend full of happy memories. I love your blog Amanda. It is always so touching to me, in fact, your husband's post on Friday left me weeping. You two are amazing. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.

  2. I totally understand what you are talking about. Yesterday was sunny and bright, my house smelled like fresh lemons, and there was the best church music on the radio. As I was making a lemon meringue pie and the kids were happily playing, I realized we were having a wonderful day, and one that couldn't be planned!

  3. What a cute mom you are. I think some of the success in spontaneity is your fun personality and openness to embracing the moment. Something I need more of...Thanks for the reminder!
    Jenny B.

  4. We missed you at Mom and Dad's! But it sounds like you had a sweet sunday, and saturday...Easter is wonderful, and I'm sure you're more grateful than ever for it. I love you mand.

    PS - i loved visualizing your cute kiddos body slamming you & Dave. heehee ;)

  5. Another incredible post - thank you for sharing your gift with us.


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