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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little Shout Out

Watch more video of 2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships on flowrestling.org

Just had to brag a bit about my brother. Ben is wrestling at the NCAA Tournament right now in Philadelphia. He has won his first three matches (this morning's was the quarter finals) and wrestles the #1 seed Robles TONIGHT on ESPN at 7 pm eastern. Tune in for an amazing semifinal match between two people who have overcome great odds to achieve success. Ben with a syndrome that has demanded multiple reconstructive surgeries and Robles who was born with one leg. This will be THE match of the tournament.

I guarantee it.

And you know I'll be a Green Wolverine.

P.S. Here's a clip of an interview done yesterday with Ben after he upset the #4 seed. He's such a stud.


  1. Mandy, my dad just sent us all an email about Ben and to keep him in our prayers. How exciting. I will have to dvr the event so we can watch. He's such an inspiration as are all of you!


  2. That is so cool. We'll be gone but maybe we can dvr it. That would be cool to watch. Good luck to him tonight!

  3. Ben is my only claim to fame. He was our son at Trek! He is such a stud, an incredible young man! He radiates joy! I love that kid!

  4. So exciting! Unfortunately our cable cannot provide that station to us but, we can't wait to hear the results. GO BEN!!


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