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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Next Chapter

This year has introduced an entirely new chapter to our lives. Different than even the last. A page has turned and it's time to start a new part of our Family Story.

For awhile now, we having been trying to have a baby. On our own, at first, and then with medical assistance. But our baby has not yet found us. And so we are setting out to find him. 

After much heartache, disappointment, pondering and prayer, we are exploring other means of bringing the baby that is MEANT for our family into our loving home. In other words, we are starting the path to adoption. 

Having had four children (with three living), adoption could be difficult for us. Some would automatically rule our family out because we HAVE children. But we believe that God has a PERFECT plan for our family.

We believe that there is a tender birth mother out there who is anxious to have her child raised in a fun, nurturing, and loving home with a devoted father and mother and three older siblings that will love, cuddle and treasure her Beloved with all their hearts. 

We need your help to find that Mother. 

We are interested in doing what is called a Designated Adoption. That means that through our network of family and friends, WE will find the birth mother. 

This is where You come in. 

We know that many far and wide have read this blog. And out there - among the nearly half million hits - we know that many are aware of difficult situations. Situations where mothers cannot give the child they are carrying or currently hold in their arms all the stability, blessings and opportunities of life.  Though their maternal love runs deep, they know there is a better situation for their precious child to be raised in. 

And that is where We come in. 

From the bottom of my heart, I plead to you - my Sunshine Promises friends - who have walked this unexpected and difficult journey with us. Please help us complete this circle of Life. We have been blessed to give Life, we have deeply mourned when Life was unexpectedly taken, we strive to live each day as if it was our last and now we are ready to experience the Miracle of Life once more. We know that God's timing is perfect. Perfect. Whether we understand it or not. But we also know that it's up to us to do the footwork to qualify for these blessings. 

My next post will contain an introduction to our family and what we can offer to a precious child. What do we ask of you, friends? Please, please, please repost this and share it. And after you share it, please keep your eyes open and your hearts tuned for situations that may be a fit for our family. Then continue to share it again and again and again. 

What are we looking for? We are looking for a child two years old or younger (we do not have a gender preference). If there is a sibling pair, we would consider adopting both but would prefer them both to be two and younger. Given our family's life experience, we do not feel comfortable with foster care right now but would consider adopting a child in the foster care system that is currently eligible for adoption.

We are also open to adopting a child with a different race than us. If that were to happen, we would probably adopt two of the same race so that they could visually associate themselves with another member of our family. We recognize a child's need to belong and will do our best for fulfill their individual needs. 

After exploring so many diverse paths to achieving babyhood, we strongly feel that this is what we are supposed to be doing at this time. Please join us in spreading the word. We believe in Happy Endings and we believe that a Loving Heavenly Father and a Precious blond, blue-eyed Boy is crafting a magnificent 'happily ever after' for us.

We can hardly wait to live the Ending and start our New Beginning.

And You will make it all possible.

Thank you, friends. Thank you. 


  1. Mandy, I know you'll get your little babe or babes. I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled and I will share your blog post with all my fb friends. My prayers are with you.

  2. Eyes and ears are opened and praying for your beloved family to find the child/children that will be welcomed into your home. There is no doubt they will find open arms and open hearts embracing them and making their life filled with joy! Love you! Ascending Prayers!

  3. Can't think of a better family to raise more little one(s)! I will be on the lookout and praying for you guys for this to work out for you!!
    Much Love,
    Jenny B.


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